This game resembles UNO but employs PokerDrez cards, allowing combinations based on both colors and figures.

The game

In this game, one or two PokerDrez decks can be used.

Two to eight players can participate.

At the beginning of the game, distribute half of the cards among the players.

Reveal the first card face up on the table, and place the rest of the deck face down.

The first player, the one to the right of the card distributor, must choose a card with the same color or figure as the one on the table and place it on top.

The next player must also follow the color or figure of the last card on the table.

Neutral cards can be placed on any card, and the next player can determine the next figure and color to be followed.

If a player doesn’t have any valid cards, they must draw the first card from the deck and pass the turn to the next player on the right.

The first player to run out of cards wins.

When the deck runs out, players without cards to play simply pass their turn.

If no player has valid cards (closed game), the player with the fewest cards left in his hand wins, or there is a tie if multiple players have the same minimum number of cards.

The winning player receives as many points as the number of cards left in the hands of the other players (or the number of cards the remaining players have more than him in the case of a closed game).

The first player to reach a pre-established point total wins the entire game.


In the image above, a player has used the yellow pawn. The next player must play a pawn, a yellow card, or a neutral card to avoid having to draw.

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