This game is similar to the traditional Rummikub, but with PokerDrez cards.

The game

For this game we will use two packs of Pokerdrez cards. In total 112 cards.

2 to 4 players can play.

Each player will receive 14 cards at the start of the game.

Players can form groups of at least three cards of each of the figures (ordered consecutively by the numbers) or of the colors (ordered consecutively by the hierarchy of their figures).

Neutral cards play the role of wild cards, that is, they can be used to cover a card that may be missing as a connection between two other color or figure cards. Joker cards are treated as normal figure cards.

Groups of the same color can have more than three cards (up to six, without repeating figure) and figure groups can have more than three cards (up to nine, without repeating color).

In their first play each player will have to drop from their hand to the table a minimum of seven cards forming their own groups.

On a player’s turn, they can either draw a card from the draw pile or take one or more cards from the discard pile.

After having created their own groups, players can drop as many cards from their hand to the table as they consider both creating new groups or completing other pre-existing ones of their own or opponents.

The player concludes their turn by discarding a single card onto the discard pile.

During their turn, players can use cards from some group that is already on the table to form new groups. It is important that after these movements the player has dropped at least one of their own cards and after the transformations the groups continue to have at least three cards of the same color or figure and are ordered.

The player who runs out of cards in their hand first will win.

The number of cards left in the hands of opposing players will be counted as their own victory points.

The first player to accumulate 14 victory points if there are two players, 28 if there are three or 42 if there are four will win or the one who accumulates the most points at the end of the game, if played by time.

Solo variant

The player will draw the first 14 cards from the deck.

He will continue drawing while he cannot form at least two groups with at least 7 cards in total on the table.

When this happens he will continue drawing cards from the deck until he manages to order all the cards he has in his hand in some of the groups and, therefore, he runs out of cards.

In the end the player will count all the cards that are ordered on the table, that will be his score that he will try to improve (be smaller) in the next attempts.

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