The bishop is the next piece in the hierarchy. It is higher than the knight and lower than the rook. It is associated with the number 3 on the numeric die.

In PokerDrez, it moves like in chess, but only if you use a bishop card or a joker. You will need 2 white pieces and 2 black pieces.

In 4-player PokerDrez, it moves or captures like in chess, but it can also move (not capture) to one of the 4 horizontally or vertically adjacent positions to its current position. A corresponding bishop card or a joker is required for this move. Each player will need a piece of a different color.

In NeuroDrez, it can move as in 4-player PokerDrez (see the previous paragraph) or to a tile of the color or resource shown on the dice. To move it, you need a bishop card or a joker, or a number 3 or 6 on the numeric die. One bishop is required for each player.

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