VikingDrez is a variant of the game that appears in several scenes of the series “Vikings”. It was in Ireland where this variant became mostly popular with a 7×7 board.

Components and objective

  • The 7×7 NeuroDrez board will be used, along with 8 black pawns, 4 white pawns, and the white king.
  • The black pawns will try to capture the white king before it reaches one of the 4 corners of the board.


All pieces move like the rooks in chess: horizontally and vertically, as many squares as they wish, without being able to pass over others or place themselves in previously occupied squares.

Only the king can position himself in the central square (the throne: his initial position) as well as in any of the 4 corners (in which case he will have managed to escape and the whites will have won).

When a piece manages to enclose an opposing one between itself and another of its own (sandwich mode: one on each side vertically or horizontally), the opposing piece will be captured and removed from the board.

A piece can place itself between two opposing ones without having to be eliminated (it has enclosed itself, it has not been captured by the opponent).

The throne or the corners count as own pieces when enclosing an opposing piece, also eliminating it.

To capture the king (and thereby win the game) the blacks also need to enclose him between two of their pieces, except when the king is on the throne (then he will have to be surrounded by 4 pieces) or when he is in a square adjacent to the throne (in which he will have to be surrounded by three black pieces).

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