The king does not exist as a card and is, therefore, not a member of the hierarchy.

In PokerDrez, the king moves as in chess, and any card can be used to move it. You will need a white king and a black king.

In PokerDrez for 4, the king will move as in chess and can be moved with any card. You will need a king for each of the 4 colors.

In NeuroDrez, the king can move like in chess. You can always introduce it onto the board or move it within (not dependent on cards or dice), but after moving it, you won’t be able to move it during the next turn. Each team can have only one king on the board at the same time. You will need one king for each player.

In VikingDrez, the king moves like a rook and captures opponent pieces by trapping them between itself and another friendly pawn. The white pieces win when the king reaches one of the four corners. You will need a white king.

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