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History of PokerDrez

The idea behind PokerDrez sprouted more than two decades ago when we realized that facing expert chess players was impossible because they anticipated all possible openings, giving them an insurmountable initial advantage.

To solve this dilemma, we conceived the notion that the movements of the pieces were linked to the cards opponents held. This eliminated the possibility of using pre-studied opening strategies and added an element of luck and excitement to the game, making it more akin to a real battle where you don’t always have all the resources at every moment.

With the introduction of our innovative cards, a world of possibilities opened up, both to adapt and enrich traditional card games like BlackDrez and to conceive new games, including SokuDrez. We now have six suits instead of the traditional four, each with a defined hierarchy that adds an additional strategic dimension.

I am sure you can customize your favorite card game to play with the PokerDrez deck. You can even explore creating a new game using our unique PokerDrez pieces, just as we have done with our flagship game, “NeuroDrez.” In this exciting game, multiple teams compete for control of one of the six resources available in a battle of tactics and strategies never seen before. Fun is guaranteed!



The number of each component depends on the reward.

The PokerDrez Deck

A set of 56 linen finish cards in its wrapper, poker size, printed by The United States Playing Card Company – the makers of Bicycle Playing Cards.

Cardboard box 260x260x63

Shrink-wrapped cardboard box containing all the components. (Prototype shown, final design may vary)

Resource tiles

There are 6 different types of resources:

  • Water
  • Fauna
  • Flora
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Wind

Each of them comes in 6 different colors. The goal in NeuroDrez is to conquer all the tiles of any of these resources.

Conquest tokens

60 round tokens in the 6 colors: Used to mark conquered tiles as your own.


In NeuroDrez, 3 dice are used:

  • A numeric one: to indicate which piece can be moved
  • A resource one: to indicate to which resource a piece could be moved
  • A color one: to indicate to which color a piece could be moved

Round transparent tokens

10 round transparent tokens. Used in NeuroDrez to limit the number of pieces that can be on the board at the same time or in PokerDrez for 4 to limit the number of times pieces can re-enter the board after being captured.

Double-sided board

The 220×220 board is foldable to fit inside the box. On one side, a standard 8×8 chess board is used, customized for PokerDrez or PokerDrez for 4. On the other side, a 7×7 NeuroDrez board can be used for NeuroDrez and VikingDrez.

Double-sided pieces

High-quality, double-sided 40mm resin pieces (Christian and Muslim pieces): Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, and King. Each of them comes in 4 different colors (red, green, blue, and yellow).



The die is cast, let's hope it has fallen on our side and saved our king, or in any case, let's prove that much more than luck is needed to win a game of PokerDrez and show that we have that extra edge required.

Let the battle begin!

It's already on Google Play.

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Download the new Android app now: DomiDrez (Solo).

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